Eco-Governance Community

Love and Wisdom in Action


The Eco-Governance Community is an emerging global network of groups and individuals learning about, practicing and co-evolving the Eco-Governance framework. If you are not yet familiar with Eco-Governance, please visit

This platform serves as a space for the community to connect and discover opportunities for learning, collaborating, sharing and organizing together for a thriving world for all of Life in the shortest possible time.

Let's co-create a vibrant space where we can each receive all we need, to give all we can, to become all we are!

7 Days of Rest & Reweaving Wholeness

7 Days of Rest, January 1-7, is an  open co-creative event dedicated to personal, collective and planetary healing. This annual global event is part of the Eco-Governance ecosystem of initiatives that all align with the purpose to protect and cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come. During this event there will be a dedicated 7 Days of Rest circle hosted on this community for participants to share their experiences, insights and inspirations and engage with each other participants. 

The theme for 2024 is 7 Days of Rest & Reweaving Wholeness.

To learn more about 7 Days of Rest and to register for the free event please visit

Joining the Eco-Governance Community

To join this community all individuals and groups are requested to first read and endorse Codes for a Healthy Earth. 

"The Codes" offer a whole-system healing framework to support individuals and communities in working together across national, cultural and ideological boundaries for rapid social and ecological regeneration. 

Community guidelines are embedded in the purpose, values, actions, organizing principles of Eco-Governance and Codes for a Healthy Earth, which serve together as a collective compass and roadmap for aligning our intentions and actions.

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Codes for a Healthy Earth